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“Luis is AMAZING.  I brought my car in because the check engine light was on.  He was able to fix my transmission, and give me a new battery (which I didn’t know I needed), for a super low price.  When I got in my car, he had FIXED my navigation system FOR FREE, PLUS fixed the cover on my driver’s side controls (which had fallen off years ago, and I’d saved in my glove compartment), ALSO FOR FREE.  So nice.  These guys do amazing work for a very reasonable price, everyone should take their car in to Luis!!!”
~ Anna Y. / Los Angeles, CA (Yelp Review)

“I Have a regular mechanic for my car needs, but when it comes to getting my breaks fixed, Ive been going to Luis since 1995. He is conveniently found on La Brea ave and point blank, knows his breaks. They have just expanded and have become a full mechanic shop taking care of all your mechanic needs. He is HONEST, will show you the old parts he has changed, and you will feel the new parts as you drive. Never, ever have I had an issue with his work because luis is the car master.”
~ Abraham C. / Los Angeles, CA (Yelp Review)

“I have lived in LA for 10 years, have dealt with a variety of shops and I believe this is the best one. I have taken my 2006 Mazda 3 here for all maintenance for the last 40k and never had any problems. I don’t speak Spanish well, so I save myself some trouble and just ask for Luis. Definitely my top recommendation for most of my car needs in the city.”
~ Scott Y. / Portland, OR (Yelp Review)

“They just don’t get any better than Luis.
He earned my trust when he fixed my brakes a little over a year ago and he’s earned the trust of everyone I’ve recommended to him since. He operates his business with honesty, professionalism, affordability, and integrity. He’s your guy. You’ll take your car to him once and then when someone asks you if you know a good mechanic, you’ll say, “I got a guy.” If you’ve got anything on your car that needs fixed, not just brakes, take your car to Luis. Take your sense of humor too…Luis jokes with the best of ’em.”

~ Kevin O. / Los Angeles, CA (Yelp Review)

“I take both my Toyota Tundra and Lexus GS 300 here.  I really couldn’t ask for a better experience .  These guys are super friendly and knowledgeable.  Luis is always thorough in explaining the issue, and he always gives you a fair price.  A fair price for quality work, thank you!”
~ Zachary B. / Los Angeles, CA (Yelp Review)